Inside the PeaceSoft Website Control Panel, you can find a variety of Advanced Applications. They are created for cloud hosting clients who are skilled in maintaining their hosting environment. Still, on account of the simple user interface of the Website Control Panel, they’re just easy to manage, even for novices. At the same time, we’ve designed a selection of complete how–to videos that will assist beginner clients speedily discover how to work with the software instruments!

Hotlink Protection

Safeguard yourself from bandwidth cyber–theft

When you come up with genuine website content there’ll always be somebody who will try to get hold of it without your approval. It is applicable both to text along with photos. That’s usually where the Hotlink Protection tool included in PeaceSoft’s Website Control Panel will truly help you. With a click of the mouse, you’ll safeguard all graphics within your web site by preventing other websites from linking to them.

Using this method, you won’t just put a stop to other individuals from stealing your pictures, but you’ll also make sure you follow your monthly data traffic restriction.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Computerized creation of .htaccess files

Bundled inside the PeaceSoft Website Control Panel you can get .htaccess Generator – a strong software tool, which lets you produce .htaccess files without the need to make them manually. PeaceSoft’s tool requires zero experience as well as absolutely no comprehension of .htaccess file administration.

Through an .htaccess file, you can easily reroute a number of webpages of one’s website and the full web site to a new location. Additionally, you can use it to secure a folder by using a password or even to allow for PHP code within HTML files, etcetera.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Prevent malevolent IPs from your web site

Should you have a popular site, ultimately you become a target to spammers and destructive website visitors. You can easily guard all your web sites from such actions through the IP blocking tool included in our Website Control Panel. The tool can assist you to timely stop an IP address or possibly a whole range of IP addresses by using a click of the mouse.

Combined with PeaceSoft’s detailed web stats and also PeaceSoft’s GeoIP redirection tools, this IP Blocking tool will help you successfully control the ways to access your website.

IP Blocking

PHP configuration

Change the PHP settings for your personal site

For any of the cloud hosting packages from PeaceSoft, you can pick the PHP release for use on your web sites – from old PHP releases such as PHP 4 to the most up–to–date stable builds. It can be done with just a click of the mouse. All of the changes are going to be carried out instantaneously. For every single PHP version, you can find the php.ini file for your own web site, so that you can absolutely modify the manner PHP works.

PeaceSoft offers a structured user interface, which lets you quickly alter the most critical PHP controls. At any moment, you can even get back to the normal settings in order to restore a backup.

PHP Configuration